All Tech’d Out & No Place to Go

Hi. I’m Kristi, Gen X-er slash Boomer, raised by Traditionalist and therefore a Heinz 57 as generational mentalities go. When it comes to technology I’m quite accustomed to it, and frankly, rely on it more than I should. My phone tells me what to do and when to do it. I have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and, God-help-me-it’s-ruining-my-life, Pinterest. My internet is super fast, my computer is top-notch, and I have 99.9% of my meetings online.

However, I rather enjoy writing a letter with pen and paper, or even better, getting one! (So rare anymore.) I enjoy lunch meetings and coffee dates with friends and colleagues. Conversations. Building relationships. Face time. No, not the app. Real face time is important to me. I think technology is fantastic. Heck, I love it. But let’s be sure not to neglect the human factor as we progress and advance in its use.

I’m reminded of a car commercial from years ago. The daughter voices her concern over her parents apparent lack of socialization, basing her suspicions on the fact they only have a few “friends” in their social media network. She brags that she herself has 600 “friends” and concludes, “this is living.” All the while her parents are out and about with walking, talking, real-life friends doing real things and going real places.

So remember to take a minute to make real memories. Write a letter. Chat over coffee. Because while technology does make life easier and connects us to a sea of people, if we rely on it solely we will eventually find ourselves all tech’d out and no place to go.