Hi, I’m Kristi Riley, founder and owner of Kinectix Inc. I live in beautiful North Texas in a charming little town, not unlike many other charming little towns all across the U.S. I am blessed with an amazing family, wonderful friends, and a beautiful daughter. I enjoy painting, music, theater, art and music. I believe in servant leadership and that people are the most important factor in any equation. 

Since the mid 1990’s I have been using my artistic talents and wordsmithiness in various ways; creating graphics, marketing for my church, creating branding or ad graphics, things of that nature. But until I discovered Instructional Design, I hadn’t discovered that one career to combine my gift for graphics with my love of learning. What I’ve found was  more than I could have hoped for. Each day holds a new challenge, an opportunity to create something great, a chance to bring knowledge to life. I am truly blessed to be doing what I love.

As an Instructional Designer, I view myself as a learning catalyst. Perhaps that is not yet a recognized title, but there you have it. You see, a catalyst is something that incites activity. One minute nothing is happening, then suddenly things begin to shift, an idea begins to form, the wheels start to turn. The right training can take people from mystery to mastery, from confusion to confidence and from doubt to determination…

… and that is why I love it.

My Approach to Learning

Instructional Design is a constantly changing field of study. My personal view is that as learners change, so should the learning. Otherwise, we would be using chalk with our “tablets” and not a stylus. So whether it’s introducing new information, or refining existing skills, it’s all about the delivery. I believe that, bottom line, focusing on the individual learner with engaging material, relevant to their needs, is the most effective approach.

My goal is to effect the desired change by meeting the needs of the learner; to provide an effective, engaging and interactive learning  experience for each individual; and to INSPIRE a desire to learn. I will always strive to make the journey of learning a fulfilling experience, and do my best to empower each individual to be successful, life-long learners. 

Instructional Design is an art and the learner is the canvas. You just have to know what colors to use!