Training is a way to cultivate excitement, motivation, loyalty and confidence within your team.

You will find that the right training helps to engage your employees… and engaged employees demonstrate greater productivity, loyalty, and satisfaction in their work. It is an investment that not only benefits your team, but your company as a whole!

It’s time to do things differently.
Stop doing what you’ve always done.
Start getting what you’ve alwalys wanted.

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eLearning Design: The Basics

Designers too often neglect the creative design aspect of eLearning. The analysis, design and development phases of the process must address aesthetic requirements, not just content. If the content is great, but the design is an assault on the senses, you lose your learner. If the design is fantastic, but the content is repetitive, insulting, boring, or irrelevant, you lose your learner. This will be an exercise in addressing the creative aspect of your eLearning courses.